Thursday, 22 May 2014

Strawberry Print Nail Art Tutorial (Step by Step)

Hola chicas! I'm gonna jump right in and say how CUTE is this mani! I had a slight strawberry craving when I painted these and believe me, they are super-duper easy to recreate!  All you need is a red, yellow, green and nude and you're ready to go! 

Step 1: Paint your nail in 2 coats of a nude/natural shade. You don't want anything too bright because the strawberries are already fun and colourful!

Step 2: Create little red triangles across your nail. Don't make it perfect though :) 

Step 3: Using a dotting tool/toothpick/bobby pin/tool of your choice create teeny weeny yellow dots on the red triangles.

Step 4: Using a brush/toothpick create the leaves of the strawberry using a green. i kind of created a curved cross to get a more 'natural' looking strawb!

Seal in the design with a topcoat and there you have it! A super easy strawberry print nail art look that looks complicated but easy to achieve in 4 simple steps!

Below you can see the colours I used from Models Own:

Utopia, Watermelon, Banana Split, Turquoise Gloss.

Please do let me know what you think of the design!

Lots of Love,

The Nail Polish Bible


P.S. I do apologise for the camera quality and lighting! Next time will be better!