Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Nail Mail!

In December, I saw the fantastic offer on Ciaté for 3 wow kits for £30! I couldn't pass on a deal like that! 
So being the nail addict that I am, I jumped at the opportunity, forgot about my bank balance and treated myself (no surprise there)!
I ordered Very Colourfoil Manicure, Emerald Collection and Feathered Manicure.
Below are some pictures of the sets and what I think of them :) 
This Limited Edition Ciaté Wow Kit  is soooooo beautiful! I actually can't stop staring at it! The kit contains all you need to create flawless, foil-finish nails at home. It's way beyond a regular metallic, and the best part of it: you can get CREATIVE! I love the street-style look it gives but also the shimmery and girly look at the same time. 
The kit features a full sized Ciaté nail polish (yes you heard correctly!), foil glue, a nail wheel (for practice) and foils, you get 5 of each colour (Flash, Fizz, Feisty, Fling, Flirt, Frost).
Here's how to use the kit:
1) Apply 2 coats of your base Ciaté colour polish and make sure the polish dries completely
2) Dot the foil fix glue where you want the foil to be placed
3) Wait 1 minute for the glue to become clear then place the foil on your nail, shiny side up, press firmly and allow to “set
4) Strip away the foil quickly, leaving your foil “splashes” on nails where the foil has stuck to the glue.
You can add layers or go for a “mono foil” look, using just one foil colour.
I'll be swatching these pretty soon, but I can already tell that I'm going to LOVE it!
The second one on the list is a feathered manicure which I've been itching to try out! I finally came to my senses and bought the kit. I love the mix of the soft blue and the brown feathers, it created a toned down look (the complete opposite from Wonderland). Yet, it adds a little something special to your style. I can't wait to try this out and I think it would look best as an accent nail!
The kit comes with a 5ml Nail Polish in Chinchilla, which is a gorgeous dusky bluey-lilac-grey colour, a full size Speed Coat Pro, nail file blocks, scissors and feathers.
Finally we have the Emerald Collection that's taken me forever to buy (I don't know why!). What's better than Velvet, Caviar and Sequins all in one?! Emerald being colour of the year and putting it into a wow kit is such an incredible idea. The iconic shade embodies all things elegant and luxe and adding a twist of textures makes it even more beautiful. The collection comes with a full size (again!) Ditch the Heels Paint Pot, Velvet Shaker in Chauffer, a pot of sequins in Penthouse and a Caviar blend in Ball Gown. Of course the set also comes with a funnel, little black brush and mini tray to keep that mani in tip top condition. How cute would it be if I managed to create a velvet christmas tree with the velvet shaker! Mission set!
I think I am the most excited to try this kit out just because of all the stunning colours that are calling my name! Again, a swatch will be coming your way soon so keep your eyes peeled for a blogpost! 

Swatches will be coming your way soon! 
Lots of Love
The Nail Polish Bible xoxo


  1. They're amazing, i just featured some ciate kits in my weekly deals as well. Is the feathers one good? I've been so tempted!

    The Student Blog x

    1. Yes! I love the feathers wow kit! You can see what it looks like on my instagram account @naramackenzie :)